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In 2017, HOPE organised its 36th Exchange Programme. The HOPE Agora 2017 took place in Dublin from Sunday 11 June to Tuesday 13 June 2017. The conference was organised by the Health Management Institute of Ireland.

The main topic of the HOPE Exchange Programme 2017 was “Organisational Innovation in Hospitals and Healthcare”. Organisational innovation is a broad topic that in the context of the Exchange Programme was intended as the implementation of a new method or process in relation to the use of new technologies, to health services provision, to human resources management and patients’ empowerment or involvement.

For more information on the HOPE Exchange programme, please contact the National Co-ordinator of your country.
National co-ordinators

For more information on the HOPE Agora 2017 visit the website:

July to September 2016

Publication of advertisements by national co-ordinators in professional press.


Deadline for all candidates to return two copies of their application forms (Form P1 by email and Form P2 by normal post) to their national co-ordinator. Hosts should also send the Form H1 to the national co-ordinator before this date.


The candidate MUST have contacted the national co-ordinator of the host country by phone to show his language knowledge.


Deadline for selected candidates to confirm their participation in the programme (host and national co-ordinator of both sending and host country have to be informed).


Individual programme of the professional worked out together with his host to be sent to HOPE and the national co-ordinator of the host country.


11-06/13-06-2017 HOPE AGORA 2017
Dublin, Ireland
around the topic “Organisational innovation in hospitals and healthcare”


Deadline for professionals’ (Form P3) and hosts’ (Form H2) final reports: to be sent to HOPE, the host and the national co-ordinators (of both host and sending country).

End September/
Mid October 2017

Certificates are sent out by HOPE to the national co-ordinators who will disseminate them.

Information for participants, hosts and coordinators

Download Doc 1 – Time schedule Exchange Programme 2017
Download Doc 2 – General information for national coordinators, participants and hosts
Download Doc 3 – Instructions for self-assessment of language proficiency
Download Doc 4 – Information for the selected professionals
Download Doc 5 – Outline training programme for information of the hosts
Download Doc 6 – Guidelines for national coordinators
Download Doc 7 – Central theme guidance

Forms for participants

Download Form P1 – Application form for candidates
Download Form P2 – Declaration of the candidate and commitment
Download Form P3 – Questionnaire for the participants after the exchange programme

Forms for hosts

Download Form H1 – Information on hosting organisations
Download Form H2 – Questionnaire for the hosts after the exchange programme

Information for participants, hosts and coordinators

Download Doc 1 – Calendrier du Programme d’Echange HOPE 2017
Download Doc 2 – Bulletin d’information pour les coordinateurs nationaux, les participants et les organisations d’accueil
Download Doc 3 – Auto-évaluation des compétences linguistiques
Download Doc 4 – Bulletin d’information pour les professionnels sélectionnés
Download Doc 5 – Préparation d’un programme de formation individuel
Download Doc 6 – Directives à l’intention des coordinateurs nationaux

Formulaires pour les participants

Download Form P1 – Bulletin d’inscription des candidats
Download Form P2 – Déclaration du candidat et engagement
Download Form P3 – Questionnaire pour le rapport du professionnel

Formulaires pour les organisations d'accueil

Download Form H1 – Bulletin d’information sur l’organisation d’accueil
Download Form H2 – Questionnaire pour le rapport de l’organisation d’accueil