Health Promoting Hospitals

HOPE is one of the co-organisers as well as member of the Scientific Committee of Health Promoting Hospitals (HPH) conferences.
Health promotion is considered a core quality dimension of hospital services as well as patient safety and clinical effectiveness. Against the rising incidence of chronic diseases, the provision of health promotion services is an important factor for sustained health, quality of life and efficiency.

The Health Promoting Hospitals (HPH) network produces evidence to help hospitals achieve their health mission and to support cooperation and exchanges of experience between participating hospitals. The network also addresses the health of staff and the link of the hospital to its community. It has the following objectives:

  • To change the culture of hospital care towards interdisciplinary working, transparent decision-making and with active involvement of patients and partners.
  • To evaluate health promotion activities in the health care setting and build an evidence-base in this area.
  • To incorporate standards and indicators for health promotion in existing quality management systems at hospital and at national levels.


HPH conference 2016: 8-10 June, Connecticut, USA

The 2016 edition of HPH conference will be held from 8 to 10 June in Yale University and Griffin Hospital (Connecticut, USA). It will be dedicated to the topic “Creating a Culture of Health through Innovation and Partnership”.

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Latest HPH conferences

HPH Conference 2015, 10-12 June, Oslo (Norway)

In 2015, HPH conference was dedicated to the topic: “Person-oriented health promotion in a rapidly changing world: Co-production – continuity – new media & technologies”. Under this general theme, the conference paid special attention to the comprehensive somato-psycho-social health needs of patients and their families, but also those of healthcare staff and community members.

Presentations are available at:

HPH Conference 2014, 23-25 April, Barcelona (Spain)

HPH conference “Changing hospital and health service culture to better promote health” took place in Barcelona from 23 to 25 April 2014. Under this general theme, the conference program acknowledged the need for organization-wide reform and development to support a more health promoting culture in healthcare. Some of the topics discussed were health literacy, enhancing the health environment for healthcare professionals and collaboration between organisations and settings.

Presentations are available at: