The 2007 financial and economic crisis has affected the European healthcare systems in various ways. In the report “The Crisis, Hospitals and Healthcare” published in April 2011, several HOPE members mentioned investment being postponed or even abandoned. In “Out of pocket payment in healthcare systems in the European Union” published in 2015, HOPE tried to understand to what extent healthcare systems (and more precisely hospital care) in European countries are financed by out-of-pocket payments and the share collectively covered or not in a context of crisis. HOPE decided to collect existing information on capital investment and to complement it by producing a questionnaire to collect not only figures but also capital investment procedures in hospital and healthcare services. The answers are presented in the report “Capital investments in hospitals and healthcare services” published in 2018.

Financing is not a new item for HOPE. Since its origin, several publications have been produced and many events have been organized around this topic. The purpose was and still is fostering the comparison of the financing of healthcare systems within the EU Member States.

The first documents published have been: “Strategy, Tactics and cost of Health Care Provisions” in 1976, “Methods of Cost Containment in Hospitals” in 1978 and “Cost Containment and Clinical Budgeting in Europe” in July 1988. In 1998, HOPE released “Trends in Hospital Financing” and in 1999 settled a conference in Berlin in collaboration with the German Hospital Federation (DKG). Financing is also at the heart of several other issues and was discussed during an event co-organised in Paris in January 2005 with the International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM) entitled “Private or Public Hospitals? Which choice for health insurance tomorrow”. The topic was also addressed  in the publication of 2003 “Health as a Growth Factor a Comparative Analysis“, as well as in “Waiting Lists and Waiting Times in Health Care – Managing Demand and Supply” of 2001.

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