eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health. Examples include treating patients, conducting research, educating the health workforce, tracking diseases and monitoring public health (WHO). Telemedicine and mHealth are components of eHealth. Whether eHealth tools are used by healthcare professionals, or directly by patients, they play a significant role in improving the health of European citizens.

eHealth Stakeholder Group

Since 2005, HOPE is member of the European Commission eHealth Stakeholder Group which brings together European umbrella organisations active in the eHealth field and assists the Commission in the development of policy and legislation in this area.

HOPE Exchange Programme

In 2008, HOPE dedicated its annual HOPE Exchange Programme to the topic “Improving continuity of care: the role of IT”. Participants discussed the role played by IT tools in enhancing coordination and information sharing between healthcare providers and services.
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Other activities :

Data Protection

The use of eHealth opens up new possibilities for healthcare providers. However, data security issues must be addressed in order to guarantee the privacy of patients. In January 2012, the European Commission published a draft proposal for the revision of the general data protection Regulation. The draft proposal contains provisions, which might have an important impact on health services and research. Therefore, HOPE has been very active in monitoring the legislative process, making hear its voice in various political arenas and joining forces with other EU stakeholders active in the health area.
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Telehealth Campaign

HOPE took part in 2011 to the Telehealth Campaign, a series of initiatives whose objective was to increase the collaboration and awareness about Telehealth in support of integrated care in Europe amongst all the relevant stakeholders. Together with HOPE, other umbrella organisations representing patients, health managers, health insurers and industry were among the promoters of the campaign.

EU projects

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eHealth Governance Initiative

Supporting the European eHealth Governance Initiative and Action

European Momentum for Mainstreaming Telemedicine Deployment in Daily Practice

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