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HOPE, the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation, is an international non-profit organisation, created in 1966.
HOPE represents national public and private hospital associations and hospital owners, either federations of local and regional authorities or
national health services. Today, HOPE is made up of 35 organisations coming from the 28 Member States of the European Union,
Switzerland and the Republic of Serbia.
HOPE mission is to promote improvements in the health of citizens throughout Europe, high standard of hospital care and to foster
efficiency with humanity in the organisation and operation of hospital and healthcare services.

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Innovation in hospitals and healthcare:
the way forward

Join the 35th HOPE Exchange Programme
for hospital and healthcare managers

From 9 May until 8 June 2016

Applications are now open - Deadline 31 October 2015

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Patient safety in practice

HOPE report “Patient safety in practice - How to manage risks to patient safety and quality in European healthcare” reflects the contents of the HOPE Agora 2013 and the findings of the participants on the HOPE exchange programme. 

Mediation in healthcare

Ageing health workforce - Ageing patients

Better health- A shared challenge for hospitals and primary health care

The Crisis, Hospitals and Healthcare

Chronic diseases, a clinical and managerial challenge

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HOSPITALS in the Member States of the European Union

Knowledge on hospitals in Europe is sparse and spread in different sources. To make easily available the core information HOPE has developed three tools.

Facts and figures
provide detailed information about the situation of hospitals in each EU Member State. It considers the demographic and socio-economic condition, the healthcare systems features, hospital planning, governance and financing.

Hospitals in the EU: Facts and figures

Comparative key figures
examine the most significant data and indicators for a better understanding of the overall situation of hospitals. They present the trends over the last five to ten years on hospital activity, acute care hospital capacity and healthcare workforce.

Hospitals in the EU: Comparative key figures

Hospitals in the 27 Member States of the European Union (2009)
is a joint work of HOPE and DEXIA issued in 2009, both a paper poster gathering information for each of the EU Member States and a book providing a synthesis.

Hospitals in the EU 27: The book

Hospital Healthcare Europe 2014-2015

An electronic version of the HHE 2015 is available here

The Official HOPE Reference Book

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